And don't forget the pills, Berta

For over one year I came regularly to an antique bookstore in my neighbourhood. The owner of the store is a friendly old man and I was very attracted by the special atmosphere of the location. The store is filled with wooden bookshelves and books to the ceiling.

Even if I am booklover, every time I approached the store, I noticed that this antique bookstore evoked an ambiguous sensation in me. On one side I could pass hours in the store, dive deep into the wonderful stories and rich wisdom present in thousands of books, on the other side I felt somehow sorry as I noticed that this kind of atmosphere and attitude is becoming less frequent nowadays. I was imagining that antique bookstores like this one would maybe disappear at some time as the information stored on the shelves is maybe slowly loosing its interest for most people, and if ever needed can be accessed digitally in the future.


For this reason, I started to bring my camera on every visit to the store, trying to capture what I was fearing could disappear some day. The numerous conversations I had with the owner about books, the business and life in general have been of great inspiration for the documentary project. 

© Dirk Marwede 2019