Intake 1

Some time ago a desire was born in me to publish images in a printed format in a more or less regularly way. Since many years, I always have a camera with me and I am constantly looking for anything which attracts my attention. With such an approach many images are created and even after years of practicing this approach, I cannot really say, why I am forced to take a particular image and why I don't take others. In everyday-life there are certain constraints like limited time, location, duties and tasks and this sometimes leads to the conviction that the process of making an image is therefore impeded or even impossible. At the same time, this brings the prospect of seeing things in a different or special way. Being bound to certain restrictions is the invisible frame of the image I take which bears the chance to focus on a kind of seeing, which at the same time ist honest and unique for me and in the best case comprehensible for others.

© Dirk Marwede 2019