-Motorways and Cyclists-

Oldenburg is a beautiful city with approximately 170.000 inhabitants located in the northwest of Germany. The city has a lovely ancient city centre and is often referred to as a bicycle city as many people use a bike to overcome distances within the city or just cycle for joy.  In fact, the cityscape cannot be imagined without the numerous cyclists you find here everyday. 

Nonethless car traffic is intense and only few roads in the city have more than one lane. There are two main motorways around Oldenburg which were connected finally in 2007 to form a motorway ring around the city. To avoid the traffic stack in the city, many people use this motorway to come from one part of the city to another. Some parts of the motorways are elevated and add underpasses and bridges to the cityscape you immediatly notice when leaving the motorway to apporach the inner city.

In this manner the motorways are a blessing and a curse at the same time. While they keep cars out of the city, the beauty of the city is interrupted by an intimidating infrastructure of concrete bridges and elevations. While this infrastructure was built for cars and trucks, they use the motorway above and cannot be seen from below. And cyclists not allowed to use motorways, cross the motorways they don't need below and almost seem lost within the architecture of massive concrete.

© Dirk Marwede 2019