The Openflair experience

My brother is all about music and has visited many concerts and festivals. Many times he reported about bands, performances and atmospheres he attended and shared his experiences. The Openflair festival is among his favourites. In August 2018 I had the pleasure to visit the festival with him and to discover the very special atmosphere and mood, created by the joint desire of the visitors to pass some unforgettable days. Music festivals have their own community rules. The atmosphere of the festival depends on the music, events, organisation, and foremost of the people attending it. At first, I was stunned by the open and friendly people who just wanted to enjoy the music and events. There was a kind of mood and sensation that anything outside the festival was of no relevance for some days. At second, I was enthusiastic about the emotions the people showed in the public. This is something I think it becomes less frequent and I regret that emotions are more and more hidden in public life. And finally, I was thrilled that different generations celebrated those days together without spending any attention on age. I don't know, if those observations were somehow obvious to other people, but for me it seemed remarkable. And those are the reasons, why this festival is really something special. 

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