Some impressions from the wonderful days I had the luck to pass in Paris...

Series of three images

Series of three images, no further constraints, no text. 

Raindrop Street

Street scenes observed through bus stop windows...


A series about life at the beach in summer... 

Tokyo - Solitude

Tokyo is based on its population one of the biggest cities in the world. The crowded city life, however, exhibits sometimes a sense of strange solitude and anonymity.  

Shibuya Crossing

Passing one night on Shibuya crossing, the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world, capturing individuals out of an endless flow of people...

Nature and Culture

The always present relation between nature and culture captured in random moments in everyday life.

Spaces of the Northwest

The northwest of Germany is known for its wide and flat landscape and quickly changing weather conditions. Being there gives a strange sensation of unlimited space while any sign of human culture appears small and of limited context. 

Color spaces of the northwest

The northwest of Germany is a flat and sometimes colourful landscape. This collection tries to exhibit some of its beauty in colour.

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