One thousand times...

A beautiful restaurated old building, a theatre inside, a large foyer with huge glass windows, the silent atmosphere two hours before the performance takes place. A faint noise from behind the stage, the actors are preparing the scene play themselves, the light, the installations on the stage. Some people talk in the foyer. They arrange the evening, prepare meals and drinks for the audience. The atmosphere in the theatre is very familiar. The actors later prepare in a separated room which has a door to enter the stage. This room is somehow intimate. It is the place, no spectator can see. The last resort, before entering the stage. The place to talk and to drink. It appears very honest. The stage is completely differentThere is no place to hide. And at the same time, it is the place to leave everyday-life behind. The play tonight has been performed almost a thousand times: the Bremer Town Musicians. There is no stage fright anymore. In this theatre, the actors play with figures which makes it a very special play. It provides another layer for interaction, another dimension for the play. One of the main figures for the play tonight, a donkey, is waiting below the stand. In this theatre, there are hundreds of figures, all waiting for their performance on stage. But in fact, they are waiting for the actors. They suddenly awake them to life, give them a character, make a somehow magic relation between the actor and the figure. And sometimes also with the audience. 

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